The Security Guy#8965

The Security Guy helps you to protect your server against nukes/raids and also provides moderation commands.

The Security Guy

The Security Guy protects your server from raids/nukes. It removes all the users roles and mutes the user. The owner of the server receives a DM with the tag of the user who tried to raid your server. The bot detects when channels get deleted, when users send everyone tags, when users tag too many users and when users are getting banned.


  • *help - Shows the help embed
  • *privacy - Shows what we do with your data
  • *invite - Gives an invite to invite the bot to your server
  • *ban - Bans a user in your server
  • *kick - Kicks a user in your server
  • *warn - Warns a user in your server
  • *warns - Gives the amount of warns from a user
  • *unwarn - Unwarns a user that earlier got warned
  • *mute - Mutes a user in your server
  • *unmute - Unmutes a user that earlier got muted

Last update:

Version 1.1.3
New web panel
Please note that the web panel is still in bèta version


  • Luuk: Main developer
  • Techno1Monkey: Designer/developer


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