A Fun and Easy-to-use Music Bot!

About Me!

Melodize is a music bot that plays songs from Youtube, SoundCloud, Vimeo. Since it has basic commands that a music bot should have, it is really easy and fun to use.

There are also some other commands such as:-
facts - Gives you fun facts about music
qrcode - Generates a QR code
fasttype - Test your typing skill
calc - Solves a mathematical equation (basic math, unit conversion)
watch2gether - Watch Youtube together with your friends!
And many more!


● Music Filters
● Customizable Prefix
● Provides Youtube Video's Download Link (if available)
● Supports Live Youtube Videos
● DJ Role Settings (COMING SOON)
● 24/7 Mode (COMING SOON)

Here is a preview of the bot!

Having Problems?

Join our support server and report it there! There are even fun bots such as Dank Memer and Countr cuz, why not? Have fun!


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