Nano Music Premium#6271

Nano Music Premium is a powerful music bot that has help, bassboost and volume commands.

Nano Music Premium Nano Music Premium is an easy to use, simple music bot. Play, loop, pause, resume, skip, and bassboost songs. Get started by inviting it to your discord It Have Slash Command And Dashboard.

Supported music sources:

Youtube Soundcloud Mixer Twitch Bancamp And more! Commands Command Description -bassboost Enables bass boosting audio effect -clear Clears the server queue -config Edit the bot settings -disconnect Stop the music and leave the voice channel -grab Saves the current song to your Direct Messages -help Information about the bot -invite To invite me to your server -loop Loop the current song -loopqueue Loop the whole queue -lyrics Shows the lyrics of the song searched -nowplaying See what song is currently playing -pause Pauses the music -play Play your favorite songs -queue Shows all currently enqueued songs -remove Remove a song from the queue -resume Resumes the music -search Shows a result of songs based on the search query -seek Seek to a position in the song -shuffle Shuffles the queue -skip Skip the current song -skipto Skip to a song in the queue -stats Get information about the bot -volume Check or change the current volume -youtube Starts a YouTube Together session


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