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Clyde has a verification system that you can put on your server if you are interested in making a verification system, this system is very simple, you just have to put the role you want it to be as it is not verified and put the setup of the Verification in the channel that interests you the most!


we have moderation commands that will make your server more secure, command ban,

warn, mute, unban, kick, lock, and other commands that will

interest you!


Here we return to the verification system !,

the verification system is a setup that you can activate or deactivate the verification,

setup logs so that you know what happens in your server, if someone malicious entered, or in your rewards server to know what I use

multi-accounts to cheat on your server.


c!ban: You can ban multiple members at once using this command usage: c!ban <@User ...> [Reason] example: c!ban @ Sina # 1197 @ Safa # 1197 Spamming

c!kick: You can kick multiple members at once using this command usage: c!kick <@User ...> [Reason] example: c!kick @ Sina # 1197 @ Safa # 1197 Posting NSFW content

c!lock: You can lock a channel or multiple channels at once, also you can set a delay to unlock the channels later usage: c!lock <#Channel ...> [Time] [Reason] example: c!lock # off-topic #testing 2m 20s Spamming

c!unlock: This command will unlock the current or selected text channels usage: c!unlock [#Channel ...] example: c!unlock # off-topic

and among other more moderation commands

SETUP GUIDE: add more security to your server with the setup commands that I will show you:

SETUP VERIFICATION to do setup of that command you have to put "c! setverification". You will have to put the channel and mention the role that you want the unverified role to be. To disable the verification you must put "c! Disableverification"

SETUP XP this command is very easy to activate. you have to put "c! setxp" and it will be activated

SETUP LOGS this setup is the same as the xp one, you have to put "c! setmodlogchannel" and the channel you want


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