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Scout is a Discord bot created to assist ARK: Survival Evolved players with building, taming, calculating and much more!


Scout is much like a continuation of Defense Unit after it was shut down. Scout can do what Defense Unit did, and more now.

ARK: Survival Evolved can contain some tedious calculations and much-needed tips and help.

Some of Scout's commands:

- ,craft [amount] [structure] | Calculates crafting cost

- ,tekgen [element] [radius] | Calculates how a generator will remain powered for

- ,screenshot [URL] | Did your tribemate send a dodgy link? Let Scout check it out first for you.

- ,remindme [time] [reminder] | Need to imprint a tame? Have a funeral to go to? Scout has your back.

- ,indforge [metal] [# of forges] | Calculates how long it'll take to smelt, and gasoline price

- ,forcefield [element] [radius] | Calculates how long your force field will stay active

and so much more!

Join the support Discord here for more support!



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