Infinity Giveaway#1999

It is a cool giveaway bot for many giveaways with many functions.

Giveaway Wumpus is a bot with which you can host giveaways. It has many giveaway commands and functions. It doesn't need so many permissions and is online 24/7 (except for exceptions). The bot is similar to others, but better. We appreciate every review and try to improve this. If you like the bot please rate it well. The bot is in English, but it is easy to understand. Its prefix is: g! As needed to participate you can take a message counter or a roll.


  • gstart
  • greroll
  • gend
  • invite
  • ping
  • messages
  • mtop
  • clear (Messages Counter Clear)

Many updates will follow to improve this bot and offer many possibilities.


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