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Why choose Jaiks?

  • We keep everything free!
  • 24/7 Support
  • Slash Commands!
  • Easy & High Rated Commands
  • High 24/7 Uptime
  • Gives a fresh coat to your discord server!


Jaiks provides a complete moderation suite, perfect moderation commands for your server. Jaiks's powerful auto-moderation will keep your server clean of common banned words and invite links. Use moderation logging to keep your moderators accountable.


No more do you have to wait multiple seconds for logs from other bots or check audit logs. Use Jaiks's logging features to enhance your moderation experience. Jaiks provides logs for:

  • Members
    • Join
    • Leave
  • Messages
    • Delete
    • Automatially deleted (invite links & banned words)

Support & Notes

If you find any bugs, feel free to tell us at Support Server! Let the Developer(s) know the bugs and fix them! Thank you for choosing Jaiks!

  • BUINO, creator of Jaiks


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