AI Chatbot#7004

A chatbot that you can chat with any time, at any place!

This bot is a chatbot! You can chat with it at any time, and at any place! This bot's prefix is "^". If you need help with this bot, just type ^help and all the commands will be there! If you want to know the syntax, just type ^help <name_of_command> ! This bot will respond when you type ^chat <msg/question>. Just remember that if you want the bot to reply back to your message, please type in ^chat <msg/question> ! The bot may lag sometimes. If it does, then please try a different channel. If you see any errors in the bot, please join the support server. You can also join the support server after you add this bot to your server(s). This bot is really easy to use! Add this bot to your server(s) and everyone will enjoy it!


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