A multipurpose bot with lots of features and commands!

{( ATOM )} Bot

A bot that has a lot of features and commands to use with. AtomBot is very useful for you! It can do things such as do math or even calculate how many milliseconds are there in a readable duration. And much more! This bot is absolutely free to invite in your server. This bot is simple, flexible, and interactive! AtomBot was made by using Node.js and Discord.js .


AtomBot prefix is: a! and can change to anything!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, make sure to DM Jedi#3565 to get more info and ask questions about AtomBot.

Submit an Issue

You caught a bug? Submit an issue in our GitHub! Click HERE to submit an issue. AtomBot github is not available yet, so be patient!

Join our Support/Official Discord Server!

Thanks for joining our Discord Server and inviting our bot to your server! If you have ANY ADDITIONAL questions that you can ask the community, come and join and start to chat here!


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