Use this bot to create (repeating) reminders for you and other users (or roles) on your server

Remindme Bot

This bot is inspired by the reddit remindme bot and allows similar usage.

  • Create as many Reminders as you want (no rate limit or vote bounties)
  • Create intervals (shortest interval is hourly)
  • Remind other users and roles (@everyone)
  • Create complex repeating patterns (ics-rrules, rfc-5545)
  • Set the timezone of your server
  • Minimal Permissions required
Create Reminder Create Interval

Some users cannot use the bot?


Make sure the user has sufficient permission to execute Application Commands (slash-commands in earlier versions). This permission can be used to restrict access to bots, but is usually enabled for @everyone by default

Create Reminder

User Settings

If the permissions are all set, but certain users are still not able to use slash-commands, the discord application might be setup incorrectly. Tell the affected user(s) to open their user settings and navigate to the Text & images section.

In the lower part of said settings page, you can find an option to toggle the usage of slash-commands. Create Reminder

Create Repeating intervals

There's two ways of setting interval reminders. Through natural language, or by directly inputting rrules based on rfc5545.

Natural Language

Create a reminder with /remindme or /remind and specify the interval as natural language when setting the time argument. This could be e.g. every week or first monday each month or every friday at 20.

Inputting Rules

Create a "normal" interval with /remindme or /remind and set the time argument to be the first occurrence of your repeating event. You can then press the Set Interval button to add repeating rules for the event.

The bot supports the full rfc5545-spec and allows the combination of up to 25 independent rules to define your custom repeating patterns and to add exception rules.


remindme <time> <message> reminds you after the given <time> period
remind <mentionable> <time> <message> reminds another user/role after the given <time> period
reminder_list manage all your reminders for this server (interactive DM)
settings timezone [set/get] <string> set the timezone of your server, used for end-of-day calculation, defaults to UTC
settings menu show some minor application settings, to modify the behavior of the bot


/remindme 1y Hello future me
/remindme 2years This is a long time
/remindme 2 h drink some water
/remindme eow Buy groceries
/remindme 5 mi Whatever
/remindme 2 aug 3pm Is it hot outside?
/remindme 2021-09-02T12:25:00+02:00 iso is cool

/remind @User 1 mon What's up
/remind @Role 24 dec Merry Christmas
/remind @everyone eoy Happy new year

/remindme every friday at 20:15 do stuff
/remind @User every year at 1st july happy birthday

Time parsing

The time parser allows multiple formats for specifying the reminder period.

At the moment, different parameters cannot be combined.

	allowed absolutes are
		• eoy - remind at end of year
		• eom - remind at end of month
		• eow - remind at end of working week (Friday night)
		• eod - remind at end of day
	allowed intervals are
		• y(ears)
		• mo(nths)
		• w(eeks)
		• d(ays)
		• h(ours)
		• mi(ns)
	you can combine relative intervals like this
		1y 1mo 2 days -5h

	iso-timestamps are supported
		be aware that specifying a timezone will ignore the server timezone
	dates are supported, you can try different formats
		• 5 jul, 5th july, july 523 sept at 3pm, 23 sept at 15:002030

	Note: the parser uses day-first and year-least
	      (01/02/03 -> 1st February 2003)

	the reminder can occur as much as 1 minute delayed


The correct plural of the time interval does not matter /remindme 1 weeks Hey is just as valid as /remindme 2 week Ho



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