Scord • A discord bot

Hello! I am Scord!

A Discord bot... I can do a lottt of things, and by just saying that you wouldn't believe me, right?
Oh ok, let me tell what cool things I can do!
1st of all, I have a bunch of 'cool' Commands which all are sorted properly(IG) into different Categories, like Fun, Info, Moderation, etc. Now if you will, let me tell you about some of my 'cool' Commands, well I have a bunch as I told so lets see I will start from The meme Command! Well this will probably your all favorite, yeah just do !meme and u get some nice memes for you.... Next is The joke Command, do !joke and you will get some funny jokes probably lol :). There are also a bunch of Info Commands which you can see by just doing !cate info. I also have spotify Commands from that you can get the info of the song you are playing on spotify!!
Well I have more 'cool' Commands like these... and I cant tell all of them here..
So if you find me interesting you can invite me to you server now!
And to get started in our new server just ping me or do !help and I will be right there! :)
Also if you need any further help using me then you can just join my support server! do !support for the invite link or click here ▸
Also I forgot to tell about my Developer who brought me to life! His discord name is 'SC#0600' You can get help about me from him also in the support server! He is adding more and more features to me!
And well that is it! thats all about me, oh wait I also have a website! here ▸ :) .. and that should be it.
If you read till here than thanks and I will be looking forward to join your server!

Bye! :)


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