Covid Vaccine Notification#7224

The Covid Vaccine Notification bot provides notifications when vaccines are shown as available in the US based on zip code and other criteria provided by the user.

Covid Vaccine Notification

This bot is designed to provide notifications when vaccines are available based on user provided criteria.


  • Receive notifications via DM

  • Subscribe to zip codes

  • Customize the bot’s search criteria

  • Updated vaccine data using the API


This bot uses slash commands and all commands can be found using the / key.


Documentation can be found at

If you have any questions which are not answered on the documentation, you can join the support server here.

Using the Bot

To subscribe to a zip code, use /sub add followed by the information prompted. Only the zip code field is required, but you can fill out the optional fields to narrow down the search.

Subscription commands are ephemeral meaning only you can see them, but if you want to be sure no one in the server sees the zip codes you are subscribing to, you can always use these commands in the bot's DMs

To unsubscribe from a zip code, use /sub remove followed by the zip code.

You may delete all subscription data using /sub clear

Use /sub list to list zip codes you are subscribed to

It is possible to pause notifications without unsubscribing. Use /sub pause and fill out the prompted information to pause your subscriptions.

Notifications will be sent when a vaccine site shows availability, the vaccine site hasn't been in a notification to you in the last 15 minutes, and if the vaccine site's vaccination data has been updated since your last notification.

Poof! 💨 You're ready to receive notifications. Make sure you have DM notifications enabled to make the most of the bot

Note: This bot only provides vaccination data for the United States.


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