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InviteViewer lets you know your invitations or know the invitations of a particular server member.

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I present to you InviteViewer which allows you to control your invitations on your Discord server. You can with this bot know the invitations of particular people. I let you discover the bot by adding it to your server and looking at the commands below

<h3>⚙️ Config commands</h3> <pre><code>+configjoin Config join messages +setjoin Disable/Enabled join messages +testjoin Try join messages configuration </code></pre> <pre><code>+configleave Config leave messages +setleave Disable/Enabled leave messages +testleave Try leave messages configuration <h3>🔑 Admin commands</h3> <pre><code>+addbonus Add bonus invites to a member. +removebonus Remove bonus invites from a member. </code></pre> <pre><code>+addrank Add a rank to the rank rewards. +removerank Remove a rank from the rank rewards. +ranks Show the rank rewards list. </code></pre> <pre><code>+removeinvites Clear member or server invites. +restoreinvites Restore member or server invites. +sync-invites Synchronize ManageInvite database with server invites. </code></pre> <h3>👤 User commands</h3> <p>Everyone can use user commands, there aren’t restricted.</p> <h4>Invite command</h4> <pre><code>+invites (@user) Show your invites or the invites of the mentionned member. +leaderboard Show the server leaderboard. +membercount Show members stats. </code></pre> <h4>Infos commands</h4> <pre><code>+help Show the list of the commands. +botinfos Show informations about InviteViewer. +ping Look InviteViewer ping. +partners Look InviteViewer partners. +add Look InviteViewer invite link. +support Join the support server. </code></pre>