Music, Moderation, Currency system, Store System, Reaction roles, Rock paper scissors

$help __ $s : plays rock paper scissors s: sissors r: rock p: paper EX: $s r __ $follower : Shows tiktok follower count EX: $follower tony_lopez __ $bio : Shows tiktok bio EX: $bio tony_lopez __ $n (Admin only) : changes nickname EX: $n @caca nickname_goes_here

__ $info : Shows tiktok info EX: $info tony_lopez __ $verify __ $kick __ $play: playes music EX: $play chug jug

__ $stop: stops playing music

__ $volume: changes music volume EX: $volume 69 __ $rr: reaction role (admin only) EX: $rr react for verify role __ $currencyhelp gives info about currency, shop, inventory __ Here are the currency related commands $bal shows your or the mentions account bal EX: $bal EX: $bal @doge __ $work gives you coins cooldown: 4m

__ $give

gives the mention coins from your account

EX: $give @doge 69

__ $store shows you everything you can buy (Each item has a purpose, but you have to find the purpose out yourself)

__ $rob robs the mention with a 60% chance of backfire EX: $rob @person

__ $inventory shows your inventory

__ $mine mines dogecoin(to dogecoin is coins divided by 69) if you have a good pc it mines more cooldown: 1h __ $convert converts all dogecoin in your to coins and adds it to your account

__ $baldogecoin shows your dogecoin bal

__ $buy buys an item from the store EX: $buy gaming pc


$filmtiktok makes a tiktok _

our website is https://sites.google.com/view/koticc/home


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