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NekoHub, similar to the other Hub you know of, but made for Discord, providing you with over 150 commands ;)

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Want the “hub” content on Discord? We gotchu, with over 150 commands you are bound to find something you like.

It does not stop there, NekoHub offers a lot of fun commands (image generation) to further enhance your conversations. Of course it also provides a few moderation commands such as nuke (deletes the entire channel but replaces it with a new one, same permissions and everything) and clear.

  1. Invite NekoHub to your server by pressing the “Add NekoHub”.
  2. Give the permissions accordingly, keep in mind that giving NekoHub the Administrator permissions ensures functionality.
  3. Start off by typing n!help in any channel, this provides you with the help embed with all of the commands listed.
  4. Enjoy!