The Best Multipurpose Discord Bot of 2021 Featuring over 100+ ADVANCED FEATURES. EVERYTHING IS FREE!

Friday default prefix is // but you can change the prefix at anytime by using //set-prefix [New prefix] e.g. //set-prefix ? and all commands now will start with ? e.g. ?ping, ?botinfo. In case your forgot Friday's prefix you can always mention Friday to see prefix.

If you're looking for a bot that does it all, Friday is the perfect solution. With tons of features and customization options, it's perfect for small groups who want to have fun without adding dozens of bots to their server. Friday has everything feature like moderation, music and more - there's not much this bot can't do!

To start using Friday Type in chat //help. If you need help with a command visit Friday commands or type //help [Command] e.g. //help warn. In case you are struggling setting up a service come to our server we will help you out there.


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