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Idle Baker is a bot all about baking virtually and earning in-game money for upgrades!

Idle Baker is a new fun and economy bot that mainly focuses on virtual baking. The bot was born in March 2021. It has many features like ovens, custom embed colors, item boosts, workers etc. Getting bored of baking again and again? Try a chance to double your coins by gambling with the bot or grind as much as you can to compete for the leaderboards and be famous in the discord world!

To start your adventure as a baker, type ,bake. Items you bake can be sold by using ,sell all or ,sell <item> <amount>. The baked items are sold for in-game virtual currency which is used to get you better upgrades and features for the bot like the ones mentioned above. This is a new bot and it needs your support to grow. So please add the bot to your server and help grow the Idle Baker Family!

Main Commands :

  1. ,bake - Used to bake items
  2. ,sell - Sell all the items baked
  3. ,balance - View amount of cash earnt
  4. ,inventory - Shows items you have
  5. ,stats - Your stats for Idle Baker
  6. ,shop - Check out the shop!
  7. ,buy - Buy items from the shop
  8. ,send - Send in-game money to users
  9. ,bet - Gamble to earn a chance to double cash
  10. ,leaderboard - Check who's on the top of various leaderboards AND MANY MORE COOL COMMANDS to donate...

I promise you this, Idle Baker will get more user requested updates and cool features after the bot's growth has grown considerably (i.e Upto 100 Servers)

Till then I will do my best to keep the bot running smoothly and bug free. This bot has a huge inspiration from Virtual Fisher and I would like to thank Saltspreader#3697 for making that bot. If you find any bugs, please report them to our official server!

So what are you waiting for? Add the bot to your servers now!


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