Fairly simple music discord bot with extra fun and meme commands!

What Makes This Bot So Special (I guess)

No queue limit

No max duration for songs (Ex. You can play those 10 hour version of songs or live music on youtube, the bot wont leave the voice channel even though there is no one until someone has to command *stop and it will leave)


Prefix: *

Help page



Music Commands

*play - Play a song from youtube

*pause - pause music

*resume - resume music

*np - Get now playing song's info

*skip - Skip to next song

*stop - Stop playing music

*volume - adjust volume of the music from 1-10

*queue - to see the full song queue

*lyrics - lyrics for the current song playing in the queue

Fun Commands

*coinflip - flips a coin

*rps - plays a game of rock, paper and scissors

*reverse - reverses a text

*8ball - gives you an answer for those essential questions

*meme - scavenges reddit for currently top memes

*owo - sends an owo in chat

*deepfry - deepfries a user's profile picture

*trivia - oh yeah, it's big brain time

Utility Commands

*ping - returns latency and API ping

*avatar - displays someone's avatar

*mjl - Member Joined LeaderBoard

*serverinfo - information regarding current server


If the volume is too low in default, use *volume 5 !

You don't have to literally put <5>


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