This bot has music, moderation, utillities, and fun commands!

Music: This bot has music, just like every other other with music it has: play, pause, stop, resume, skip, queue, loop, nowplaying, lyrics, currentlyrics, seekto, restart, and shuffle. So if your'e looking for a bot with good music, this bot has it!

Moderation: This bot is still new to things other than music, it has some moderation. As it's no doubt we are adding more moderation, it has: clear, ban, kick, slowmode, userinfo, and serverinfo. Stay up-to-date with the moderation!

Utillities: Ya ever been wondering how many people have covid in your country? I added it. You can check the weather, see covid stats, a welcome system, goodbye system, and autorole system.

Fun: I know you'll be bored after everything else, so here are the fun commands: say, uptime, and meme.


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