Pwned by Dämon$quad#0879

A cool moderation bot

the moderation commands type &help for the othe commands&help

Displays all the commands of the server


Bans a User from the Server


Mutes a user in the server


Unmutes a user in the server


Sets an AFK message for a user


Warns a user


Displays all the past warnings of a user


Clears all the warnings of a user


Change the status or presence of the bot. Only premium users can change their bots presence.


Allows users to report another member. All reports will be stored in a channel named 'reports'. Bots must have permission to create channels.


Allows a user to make a suggestion.


Generates the invite link for the bot and posts it in the server


Kicks a user from the server


Broadcasts a message in the channel


Adds a role to a User


Removes a role from a User


Soft bans a user from the server. Removes all their messages from chat and kicks them


Deletes a number of messages in a channel


Gets the ping of the server and the bot


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