Prune Bot#5352

PruneBot is an easy to use multi-purpose bot and it has a free open source code to setup your own prune bot to your own server.

Prune Bot

Created by Mashwishi | Powered by Discord.js

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Fellow Developers that guide me doing this from Discord Server Community of Discord API.
Special Thanks to our contributors and helper esfox, itsjusttriz and Hickacou!


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What is this bot?

PruneBot is an easy to use multi-purpose bot and it has a free open source code to setup your own prune bot to your own server. Our goal is to cover as many functionalities as possible.

PruneBot (Development) is created for beta testing of the latest updates of PruneBot. This is also limited to 100 servers, This bot is not that stable and may contain bugs. There will be no support given to this version

Bot Features:

  • 🔋 24/7 Full Uptime with high stability
  • 📁 Persistent Database based in Enmap
  • 👮 Powerful Moderation Commands
  • 😃 Easy to use
  • ⚙ Per-Server Settings
  • 👍 Fast command responses
  • 🎉 Giveaways Commands
  • ⚽ Slash Commands

Important Note:

  • ⚠ | Embed links needed for bot embed messages
  • ⚠ | Admin Permission needed for Moderation commands


We have more than 80 commands in this bot, and they are featured and having 9 main categories

  • Basic: setprefix, and more coming soon!
  • Moderation: ban, kick, warn, mute, createchannel, createemoji, and 9 more!
  • Utility: weather, aes256, embed, enlarge, and 4 more!
  • Pruning: urole, unorole, kole, knorole, fetch
  • Info: help, uptime, vote, channel, stats, whois, and 5 more!
  • Music: play, loop, skip, stop, jumpto, volume, and 4 more!
  • Giveaways: gstart, gend, greroll
  • Images: cat, changemymind, gay, trigger, circle, and 7 more!
  • Fun: 8ball, reverse, snipe, and 4 more!

More PruneBot(s)

PruneBot Main is the only verified bot at the moment, If you're encountering issues with the main bot due to a lot of users feel free to use other versions of PruneBot there are 3 alternative PruneBot(s) the Blue, Green and Red this bot is currently not verified and can only handle up to 75+ Discord servers. If you can no longer use any of this alternative bots to your server due to limited invite please kindly contact me to our Discord Server.

PruneBot Main PruneBot Green PruneBot Red PruneBot Blue

Self-Hosting & Development

PebbleHosting - Discord Bot Hosting

We ask you to please not host your own instance of PruneBot. Even though our license allows it, self-hosted instances of the bot have brought us a lot of headache in the past. If you're considering self-hosting, please try the official instance of the bot first. If you have any concerns about the security of our instance, please contact us. We'd love to talk and answer any questions you have.

If you're really really really going to self-host the bot, please read our license first, and be aware that we don't provide any self-hosting support. You'll be on your own.

Getting Started

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This is how you will set-up your self-hosted Prune Bot.


  • Node.js v12.x or upper
  • Python (For Advanced Music feature)


  1. Clone the repo
    git clone
  2. Install NPM packages
    npm install
  3. Create .env file to the same folder of the PruneBot then copy and fill this:
    TOKEN=<your bot token here>
    OWNERID=<your id here>


  • If you are not using Discord Bot lists and, delete files from handlers/dbl-loader.js / events/dbl/all-files and removes all codes from index.js with //
  • If you are using bot lists API, u need to delete // from commands lines from index.js
  • If you are not using .env supported hosters, please add code require('dotenv').config() to the top of the code from index.js, shard.js and other place are needed to use process.env.(stuff)
  1. To get PruneBot ready to run locally, the first step is to clone this repository onto the machine you wish to run it on.
  2. Node.js version 12 or newer is recommended to run PruneBot since we are using Discord.js v12
  3. Use NPM to install the dependencies from the project folder: npm install
  4. Edit/create the file .env (or your hoster's provided environment secret) and insert your bot token in TOKEN value.
  5. Start the bot from the project folder: node shard.js
  6. Open http://localhost:8080/ or your project URL to view the http output.


If met any issues, go here to report bug and create new issue for supporting

Github Repository

PruneBot Made by Mashwishi, project Here

PebbleHosting - Discord Bot Hosting


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