Simple bot to store your quotes

This bot is intended as a super simple easy way to save your own, your friends or just anyone in yours servers quotes. It’s super easy to setup and has very easy to understand commands.

You can check all the commands using q!help.

Everything is hosted on a fast host to prevent bot lag.

All source code can be found at https://github.com/VexiDev/Quotebot

Thanks for considering QuoteBot on your server!

---------------[Latest Update]---------------


  • Fully added ability to lock addquote and delquote commands to a channel
  • Switched from custom permissions to discord permissions (Admin commands now require Manage Server to use)
  • Fixed issue with q!delquote not deleting quotes
  • Prevented users from adding empty quotes
  • Prevented users from trying to delete empty quotes
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in messages
  • Fixed issue with q!quote and q!qowote not working with queries ex: “q!quote vexi#0420 quotebot#1” would not search for the “quotebot#1” quote in my stored quotes
  • Added argument checks to all commands
  • Added ability to send help message to channel instead of dms (q!qhelp)

Planned Updates:

  • Star Quote (pinned quotes in q!listquotes)
  • Image Linking (allow quotes to have an image attached to them)
  • Random quotes channel (select a channel to periodically send random quotes from users in the server)

version: 3.3


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