This is a multipurpose bot that mostly focuses on members using fun commands like -meme and -8ball. You can always do -help for the full command list

This is a bot that mainly focuses on helping members and make them enjoy their stay in a server while it also has a few utility and moderator commands that may help moderators and members get information about the server and stuff. If you vote you generally help me and this could support me with making new commands. Commands list: Fun: -sus, -avatar, -rps, -kill, -say, -meme, -hijack, -8ball, -slap, -howgay, -snake, -ascii, -tictactoe, -topic, -wasted, -rip Utility: -serverinfo, -invite, -serverinvite, -userinfo, -vote, -weather, -uptime, -emojis, -status, -help Moderation: -snipe, -dm, -nuke, -poll, -purge, -kick, ban, -unban Anime: -anime Support Server Based: -report, -suggest and dm the bot to sent a modmail If you need any help about any of those commands you can join the support server. (Those commands are all the current ones but more are coming)


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