Core is an Advanced Fun Bot with numerous kinds of Commands like meme, tic-tac-toe, Akinator, Translate, Search, Weather, and Many More!

Core is a Fun and Meme Bot with many Games, Misc & Fun Commands which'll make your Guilds Member's Experience Enjoyable & Fun.


Default Commands:

  1. info - To Get the Information about Core.
  2. invite - Sends the Invite of Core.
  3. support - Sends the Support Server Invite.

Fun Commands:

  1. truth - Ask's a random Truth Question.
  2. dare - Ask's a random Dare.
  3. meme - Posts a random Meme.
  4. joke - Sends a random Joke.
  5. 8ball - Replies on the Question which you asked.
  6. say - Repeats the Message which you mentioned.
  7. ques - Ask's a random Question.
  8. roast - Roasts the Mentioned User.

Game Commands:

  1. akinator - To Play the Akinator Game.
  2. tictactoe - To Play the Tic-Tac-Toe Game (It Supports Both, Single Player & Duel).
  3. flip - To Flip a Coin.
  4. roll - To Roll a Dice.

Misc Commands:

  1. calculate - Calculates the Given Operation.
  2. poll - To Create a Poll.
  3. avatar - Show's the mentioned user's Avatar.
  4. slap - Slaps the Mentioned User.
  5. kick - Kicks the Mentioned User.
  6. hug - Hugs the Mentioned User.
  7. kiss - Gives a Kiss to the Mentioned User.
  8. punch - Gives a Punch to the Mentioned User.

Moderation Commands:

  1. slowmode - To set Slowmode for a Channel.
  2. setPrefix - To set Custom Prefix for a Guild.

Search/Track Commands:

  1. wikisearch - To Search something in the Wikipedia.
  2. weather - Show's the Weather of the Mentioned City/Country.
  3. urban - To get the Definition of a word.

Translation Commands:

  1. engTranslate - To Translate some other Language into English.
  2. espTranslate - To Translate some other Language into Spanish.
  3. frTranslate - To Translate some other Language into French.


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