GateKeeper, The best NSFW Verification Bot

Welcome to Gatekeeper!

The best NSFW verification bot ever made (so far (: ) With GateKeeper, you can streamline your Age verification process with ease!. For management, there is an easy-to-use Web Interface that allows you to:

  • Manage verifications
  • Change configuration Settings
  • And more

GateKeeper was made with the user in mind, the easy to use Reaction based Control panel for verifications allows anyone (regardless of experience) to easily Deny or Accept any user who wishes Verification!


  • Passport

With the Passport Feature, you can allow Global Verifications to take place. Users may come to the Gatekeeper staff to request Global Verification!. These users go through a more intense verification process than what servers normally do. When a user gets globally verified, they get a "Passport" that allows them to instantly verify on servers with the passport functions enabled. This allows users to verify once with a trusted source and keep that verification across guilds Note: You can turn this function off at any point if you wish to manually verify ages, Verifiers will be able to see the ages of users that globally verified

  • WebUI

With GateKeeper, configuration is super easy, In fact, you can get verifying in as little as 8 clicks (You don't even need to use your keyboard!!). GateKeepers User Interface allows easy configuration as well as managing users that have either been Denied, Accepted, Or Blacklisted from your guilds process!

  • Easy to use reaction based controllers

When making GateKeeper we put the user in the drivers seat and asked ourselves "Hmm, if I had no clue what I was doing, could I still use this fluently?" and after multiple stages and revisions, we are proud to say "Yes". When a user requests verification, the request shows a basic control panel with a claim button and some basic info about the user. With just a couple of clicks (From within Discord) that user can be Accepted or Declined

So what are ya waitin' for? Go add GateKeeper to your server and make your age verification process, faster and easier


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