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A Discord Music Bot With 24/7 In VC(Never Leave VC), DJ Feature, Spotify, 90+ Commands, DJ System And Bot Channels!

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● To get help on a specific command type !!help <command>!

● OP Music Supports Spotify, Soundcloud And Youtube!

● To get prefix of your server just tag the bot!

⚙️ Settings

addbotchat, adddj, prefix, removebotchat, removedj, reset, settings, toggledjonly, toggleplaymessage, togglepruning

💢 Custom Playlists

pl-addcurrent, pl-addqueue, pl-create, pl-delete, pl-info, pl-list, pl-load, pl-playshuffle, pl-removedupes, pl-removetrack

🎷 Filters

8d, bassboost, chipmunk, cleareq, clearfilter, darthvader, equalizer, nightcore, pitch, rate, slowmo, speed, tremolo, vibrato, vibrate

🎶 Music

addprevious, addsimilar, autoplay, clearqueue, forceskip, forward, grab, jump, loop, loopqueue, loopsong, lyrics, move, moveme, nowplaying, pause, play, playlist, playprevious, playsc, playtop, playskip, playskipsc, playsongoftheday, queue, queuestatus, radio, removedupes, removetrack, removevoteskip, restart, resume, rewind, search, searchplaylist, searchradio, searchsc, searchsimilar, seek, shuffle, stop, unshuffle, volume, voteskip

🔰 Info

botinfo, developer, djmode, help, invite, ping, serverinfo, songoftheday, stats, uptime, userinfo

💰 Premium

autojoin, setsong


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