A simple, easy to use Discord bot to enhance your server with 200+ commands, ranging from managing a stock portfolio to todo lists.


Because walruses are frickin cute.


BotInfo -> Information about the bot itself, like how much CPU the bot is using.
Casino -> Gamble big! Win big! Lose big.
Economy -> An advanced and always changing economy that lets you do things like rob a bank!
Facts -> All different sorts of animal facts! Did you know that their are two different types of elephants?
Fun -> As the name suggests, fun commands!
Images -> Image manipulation! Create a custom supreme logo, and send fake tweets!
Moderation -> Some basic moderation commands, like ban, kick, and softban. More to come soon!
Pictures -> Commands that send a variety of different images!
Polaroid -> Named after the iconic camera, apply all sorts of filters and effects to images and avatars.
Reddit -> Commands that pull directly from Reddit, the front page of the Internet.
Stocks -> Create and manage a stock portfolio!
Useful -> Useful commands, like viewing the avatar of a user or creating and managing a todo list.
Utilities -> Miscellaneous commands for useful things, like generating a secure password.

If you need help with a command or want to report a bug, you can join the support server here. Always feel free to ping me, I'd love to help with whatever you need.

Walrus is always under development and is constantly changing, so if you have a great feature to suggest, use the suggest command to send a suggestion, and I will consider adding it! Please don't spam it.

Privacy Notice:

Walrus collects some different information in order for everything to work. If you would wish to view all this information, you may use the userdata command, which will send a text file containing all the information I have saved in my database on you. There is another command, serverdata which does the same thing as userdata but for the current server.


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