From Ticket Systems to EPIC fun commands, Kowalski's got it all covered. With 24/7 Uptime, Kowalski will never let you down!


Automated Setups

We know that setting up bots can be difficult, but Kowalski is different! With one simple command, Kowalski will automatically setup your server with Kowalski's smart utilities! This includes creating the necessary channels, to even setting up the right permissions!

Useful Help Utilities

We know that some bots can have weird and just confusing help commands. But with Kowalski, you've got 1 neat and organised help command! Commands on Kowalski are separated into Modules, which makes it extremely easy to view Kowalski's commands! Help Command API Module

A Tailored Support System

Have you ever wanted your own Tailored Support Ticket System? If so, Kowalski's got your back! Kowalski creates the necessary channel and roles for your Support System! Each user on your server gets their own PRIVATE support channel, which only the support staff on your server and the associated server member can access! Support System

A User Report System

I'm going to make this section quick. When Kowalski creates your Support Channels, he also creates a Report Channel, so that users can report any malicious trolls or any abusive Staff Members easily!

Organised and Isolated

Kowalski creates his own category on your server, which only your Staff Team on your server can access! This just helps to keep your server organised and neat!

Constantly Updated

Kowalski is constantly updated with Security Patches, Bug Fixes and NEW Commands! Do you have a command suggestion? Simply Join the Support Server and DM the Developer about it!


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