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An advance Trivia Discord bot for you to learn more knowledge!


Prefix = . (customizable, use .config prefix {prefix} to change a prefix!)

Trivia bot has over 10000+ different Trivias! You can choose the difficultly and categories by typing .trivia {difficultly} {category}. You can see available categories and difficultly by typing .categories. For example, if you type .trivia easy animals, the bot will gives you trivia that is about animals and it's easy. You can see your profile by typing .profile. In your profile, you will saw the total number of Trivia you answered correct and wrong. We also have global leaderboard!

Every commands has it's own aliases, you can type .t / .T / .trivia for Trivia, .p / .P / .profile for profile command and etc...... Our help command has all information about the bot, you'll get the command list, information of the bot and some useful links!


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