A "guess that song" music bot! Import playlists from a variety of websites or create your own!

Who is Arima?

Arima is a music quiz discord bot designed for lightly competitive fun. You can import playlists from a variety of websites (spotify, soundcloud, youtube, more to come?) or create your own!

How is Arima used?

To start a music quiz, use the a!start command and provide the playlist to use. Arima will then join your voice channel, shuffle the playlist, and play 30 seconds from a random part in the first song. In the text channel where you started the game, you can try to guess the title or author of the song.

We compare the Levenshtein Distance between your answer and the correct one, so missing an exclamation mark or two in the song/artist name won't matter. Once someone guesses correctly or 30 seconds is up, the next song will play, and the process repeats until you call a!stop, the playlist runs out of songs, or you reach a configurable goal.

Custom Playlists! (Up to 3)

Cool, right? You can create and manage your own playlists through the bot! Add up to 100 songs per playlist from spotify, soundcloud, and youtube!

Is that it?

Not at all! We have:

  • An EXP and rank system
  • Configurable prefix and quiz channels
  • Comprehensive online documentation
  • A development team updating the bot frequently!

25 Second Demo


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