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Slick | A new music bot in Town

Prefix: - (changeable) Version: Alpha

Slick | A new <Music Bot>
<Prefix: - (changeable)>

Why you should Consider Slick
> Yes, the bot is in alpha, but it is basically complete, there is just some stuff that needs to be added

1. This bot is one of the best music bots with A nice layout and a whole bunch of cmds.
2. There has been a new Set of cmds we are working on That helps you filter out how you want to listen to your [MUSIC](For ex. -Bass).
3.  [THE][BOT][HAS][NO][PREMIUM], so all the features(including the nicest ones) are free of charge so you can enjoy it all.

> At this time the bot will not always work correctly, and The bot is guaranteed to be online 80% of the time, and the bot will go out and on some times when testing(interrupting your music), DO NOT RELY ON THIS BOT ALL TIME applications.commands


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