A Multipurpose bot with Fully Customizable Welcome System, Advanced Moderation and Logging System,fun,games,utility cmds and much more!

• Inferno Is A Discord Bot Which Helps You Spend Your Time On Discord While Moderating And Managing Your Servers

• Default Prefix is>. Type >help to know more

• Features :-
      • Fully Customizable Welcome System
      • Code to Image (creates beautiful snippets of your code, useful in sharing code)
      • Code Runner
      • Advanced Moderation and Logging System
      • Manager Commands
      • Reaction Roles
      • Discord-Together
      • Games
      • Utility
      • Image Manipulation Commands

•Inferno has cool buttons support, ranging from setting up Logging System in a way like a mini dashboard on discord, to an interactive on screen calculator, to playing games like tictactoe with an interactive ui instead of that old way of typing responses in chat.

• Also, Inferno is the 1st bot to have Code To Image Feature

• Moreover ! There is an extremely cool feature with which you can watch youtube along with your friends in a voice channel with an interactive ui without the need of streaming your screen and face lags. type >ytstream [mention a voice channel] .
It's under stream category >help stream

• Join the support server!!

•What are you waiting for? Invite Inferno to your Server!


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