A Discord Bot with focus on Fun, Moderation, information commands, and much more. Made it with Discord.js

You can find a full list of the commands on the website, The commands are separate to 7 different categories: Fun, Moderation, Information, Misc, images, Utility, Anime.


hello, coinflip, howgay, rate, dicksize, ascii, hack, randomnumber, 8ball.


clear, mute, unmute, kick, ban, unban, warn, warnings, lock, unlock, slowmode.


help, profile, serverinfo, iinfo, userinfo, avatar, banner, botinfo, owner, systeminfo, invite.


blink, kiss, blur, criminal, delete, gay, meme, slap, triggered.


translate, embed, google, say, weather, sudo, vote.


report, suggestion, feedback.


anime-info, characterinfo, topanime, random, randomsad.


High uptime:

Don't worry about downtimes, Cyrus is 99% uptime, (except when adding a new command, Big fixing, error with hosting, ...etc)

-Usefull links

Cyrus website

Support server

Invite link

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