A powerful verified multipurpose bot that provides exceptional server functionality with over 80 commands to play around with!


A multipurpose bot

Has many features such as moderation, utility, fun commands, and more! Use w!prefix to set the prefix for your server

Moderation Features

  • Exceptional kick, ban, and mute commands providing server moderators with a fun and easy way to secure their server
  • Lockdown commands (just in case of a bad situation)
  • A warning system (db being added soon)
  • Easy viewing of who was kicked and why (also who did it)

Utility Features

  • Prefix command (allows you to change the prefix)
  • Emoji management (with also allowing you to yoink emojis)
  • Poll system
  • Many search commands
  • A translator and a calculator for you to use

Economy Features

  • basic bank functionality
  • coinflip
  • a slot machine
  • jobs
  • daily commands

Fun Features

  • Fun games such as rock paper scissors and a guess the number command
  • Fun functionality making the bot say cool things
  • Image manipulation
  • Much much more for you to try out

There are some secret features too

  • There might not be many at the start, but there are over 30 hidden commands!

There are always more commands being added all the time! You can check the latest features at our website


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