A very curious bot that will help with day-to-day engagement in your server, with questions and polls!

What is this?

Query is primarily a 'Question of The Day' bot, with a huge repository of default questions for you to use. Server admins can add custom questions to be asked in their servers, and members can suggest questions to a Suggestion Queue, for server admins to approve or reject in their own time.

Query uses Discord's new slash commands to integrate into your server like never before, just type / and all the commands will appear, with auto-completion and options.

Query has no useless features, only questions. Commands include: 'Question of the Day', polls, and nothing else. Because you don’t need another multi-purpose bot that does everything passably; you need a dedicated bot that does one thing great.

The polls have support to up to 20 options, manual and scheduled closing, bar charts, custom titles, and single vote enforcement. This makes it one of the more advanced poll bots.

There are no pay/votewalls stopping you from using the commands, just use the bot for questions, polls and have fun with it. No spam to be found! (Though upvotes are always appreciated).


Once you add Query, simply type /setup simple in your server and Query will walk you through the setup process.


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