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Milky is a Fun and Moderation Bot

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Moderation Commands(,)

steal (Addemojis From other Servers)

warn (warn User)

nick (Change user nick name)

say (Announcement or Message)

Fun Commands(,)

slap (slap Someone)

wanted (Mention User)

Kiss (Kiss Someone)

marry (Marry Mentioned user)

jail (Jail Someone)

hug (Give hug someone)

gay (Mention User)

rip (rip User)

hack (Prank to Someone)

rose (give rose to someone)

roll (dice Game)

lovemetter (to check lovelevel)

Gif Commands(,)

actor (random actor gif)

vadivelu (vadivelu gif)

cry (Crying gif)

angry (angry gif)

anime (anime gif)

dog (dog gif)

cat (cat gif)

laugh (laugh gif)

dance (random dance gif)

Utility Commands(,)

userinfo (mention User)

av (Mention User Avatar)

advice (motivation)

date (current date)

Bot Commands(,)

support (Bot Support)

invite (Bot invite link)

suggest (suggest to BotOwner)

ping (to check bot Ping)

report (report bot bugs)