Create polls on Discord quickly, easily, and beautifully.


Example GIF of a simple poll; Do you like pancakes?

Create polls on Discord quickly, easily, and beautifully.


  • Clean visual design language
  • Simple when you start, powerful when you need it
    • Custom options and reactions 🐱 🐢
    • Single-vote polls
    • ...or just keep it simple!
  • Use poll: as a trigger β€” great for Poll Bot users wanting to upgrade.

Example GIF of an embed poll; Best Doki? A: Monika, B: Just Monika

Getting Started

To get started, invite PollBotPlus to your Discord server.

The bot will send a message, telling you how to use it. You can show this help message again by typing .help. You'll get a Quick Start there, containing the following commands:

  • .poll Do you like pancakes?
  • .poll Best Doki? "Monika" "Just Monika"
  • .poll single ANIME'S REAL, RIGHT? "Real" "Not Real"

Try copying and pasting them, and start playing around them with them!

Changing the Prefix

To change this bot's prefix, use .prefix. If you ever forget what this bot's prefix is, or what you've changed it to, you can always use @PollBotPlus prefix to find and change it. @PollBotPlus will always be a valid prefix for commands from this bot, no matter what server its in.


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