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An all in one discord bot including Music, Moderation, Fun and Utility.

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Commands of Retro・30

General commands・11 announce <message> - Announce a message with bot. avatar <member> - Show avatar of a member/bot. emoji <name> - show a preview of an emote. invite - Return a invite link of this bot & its support server. ping - Show the latency of bot. say <message> - Say something with bot. rule - Show a simple rule for a server. botinfo - Show information of this bot. emojiinfo <emoji> - Show information of an emoji. userinfo <member> - Show information of a member/bot. serverinfo - Show information of a server.

Moderation commands・7 addrole <member> [role] - Add a specific role to a member. removerole <member> [role] - Remove a specific role from a member. kick <member> [reason] - Kick a member with a specific reason. ban <member> [reason] - Ban a member with a specific reason. delete <amount> - delete message in a specific amount. cteatetxt <name> - Create a new text channel on Guild. cteatevc <name> - Create a new voice channel on Guild.

Fun commands・1 meme - Show a random meme from reddit.

Music Commands・11 join - Connect to a voice channel. disconnect - Disconnect from a voice channel. play <url> - Play a music. pause - Pauses playback. resume - Resumes playback. stop - Stop playing audio. loop - Loop current song. queue - Show song list in queue. nowplaying - Show current song name. skip - Skip current song. setvolume <1-100> - Change the volume from 1 to 100.

Support: ・Bot InviteSupport server ・Made by - False Developer#4260.