Tooty is a multipurpose bot with a fun twist.


Tooty is a one of a kind bot, a friendly bot that isn't formal like others and has a fun lil twist!

Why tooty?

  • We try to keep things free because who likes paywalls?
  • New commands added constantly.
  • Always being updated and we listen to feedback.
  • Always adapting to what you recommend.

Types of commands:

  • Text to speech for voice channels, useful for when you can't talk.
  • Moderation commands such as ban, kick, tempmute and clear channel for when those kittens act up.
  • Fun commands such as snipe, yomama jokes and affirmations.
  • Voice commands such as move to voice channel.
  • Meme creation commands for da funni meme.
  • Image APIs for your stream of cat pics.
  • Utility commands such as colour format conversion.
  • Reaction roles.
  • Custom welcome/leave messages.
  • Custom prefix per server.
  • Minecraft info commands.
  • And many more coming soon

send feedback to ooliver#6969, I would love to hear what you think, what should be changed and what commands to add!


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