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INFORMATION COMMANDS dj, github, help, ping, uptime

MUSIC COMMANDS addrelated, autoplay, playlist, clearqueue, custom, forward, grab, join, jump, loop, lyrics, moveme, mycustom, nowplaying, pause, play, playsc, playskip, radio, removetrack, replay, resume, rewind, search, searchrelated, searchsc, seek, shuffle, skip, status, stop, volume

MUSIC FILTERS 8d, bassboost, clear, earrape, echo, flanger, gate, haas, heavybass, karaoke, lightbass, mcompand, nightcore, phaser, pulsator, purebass, reverse, subboost, surrounding, treble, tremolo, vaporwave, vibrato

Setup commands addbotchat, adddj, removej, prefix, removebotchat, reset

Utility botinfo, embed, info, sleeptimer

Do not stop now and see our commands by typing ** + help ** with you with special commands such as


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