One of the best Easy-to-use multipurpose BOT with every command you ever need!

Friday is a Discord BOT which comes loaded with Tons of features! May it be Moderation, Fun, Level System or Moderation. Want More? Music is also here. Still not enough? Well, Giveaway system will satisfy your needs.

Inspired by the AI of Tony Stark, and the features of it, Friday is intended to be an all-in-one multipurpose BOT that has every feature you will ever need while using Discord. To get started, it comes with a Welcoming System, that sends a warm welcome image for a new User. Along with it, you can also enable auto-role system that gives a new role to member who joins.

The BOT comes with a good Moderation system, which has everything, ranging from Warns and Mutes to Kick and Ban. It also includes a lock and unlock command for channels, which locks or unlocks the channel for everyone upon usage. Not to forget, it also has a slowmode command, which adds slowmode to the channel. Now no more clicking on a user's profile or going to manage channel for doing any moderations tasks, when you can do it by just executing a command.

For all the fun in a server, the BOT has been equipped with features such as Roast, Joke, Insult, Advice, Meme, Coin-flip and Neko among others, which may really improve your day. It also has Changemymind, Calculate and TTS command! If you feel they are not enough for you, then you can also use the provided custom command system, wherein you can add your own commands. It's also loaded with image system, that sends images of Cat, Panda, Dog, Facts, Stonks and Heaven among others. Among us Fan? It also has eject and emergency image!!

If you feel these might not impress you, we have even more to offer. Listen to music which can boost your productivity, all on Discord. It has Music commands which can play your favourite songs. It also has a ticket system which can be used to make tickets to make your work easy. Other than that, it also has pat, hug, kiss, feed, cuddle and slap command which reply a GIF of the action. It also has Wikipedia, and you can get the Novel Corona Virus stats of your region

Including this, the BOT even has much more cool and amazing commands, which you should definitely try. Thanks for sparing your time!


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