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Anata is a multi purpose bot that has moderation economy and anime commands.

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general basics Anata Is a multipurpose bot that has features some bots don’t have combined. Anata is made to be the best bot with fast reliable and useful commands.Anata aims to add features from multiple bots all into one. Anata loves Feedback community help and regular updates so it can be one of the most updated and useful bots what can she do Anata has the capability of moderation,economy,fun games and role-play commands to mess around and socialise with friends.

Anata has over 30 commands and is always adding more.Anata aims to add useful commands that are there to help with no nonsense in between.Anata try’s to cover all needs for server owners.

Anata aims to get bigger than bots that are all put behind a pay wall as it is free to use and no voteing required features.Anata relys on donation and votes from its community.