Eren is the best Music bot that you can request song from Youtube, Spotify and More. especially you can use autoplay.


EREN have a lot of commands for music, moderation and other commands, it's especially EREN have Autoplay Music, And you can request song from Youtube, Spotify, SounCloud and 700+ sites


You can use $help to know all commands.

if you want to listen music you need to join channel first and then type $p to listen music, especially you can use autoplay music without use credit to buy premium.


We try to add and update a lot of commands.

EREN BOT has a lot of commands such as Moderator, Music, Meme and More..


✅ support state channel U can call EREN to join voice sate channel in Discord.

✅ fix autoplay Autoplay will not play same songs

✅ playing preview song The song preview screen allows you to view the version of the song that will be imported. This will either display the attachment as-is in a song viewer, or display the chord chart with the default styles that you've set in Command play.

✅ Multiple filters you can add multi filters in EREN

✅ New Plugin you can request more song from a lot of Apps or websites

If you are stuck, need help or found a problem while making command you can see Custom command blog if you cant find what you are looking for Join support server to get help from our community

Thank you for chosing my bot 💖


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