High quality Discord music bot with FREE equalizer, sound effects, playlists, and more!

Meet Tune! A free, high quality Discord music bot.

Tune is meant for any size server, for any type of occasion! Powered by enterprise grade dedicated hardware, Tune can handle multiple streams at one time, across many servers- so never worry about lag infested playback again!

General Commands

Command Description
play [link/search] Loads your input and adds it to the queue. If there is no playing track, then it will start playing!
queue [page] Displays the current server queue!
skip Skips to the next song in queue
back Skips to the previous song in queue
jump [position] Jumps to a track in the queue
clear Clears the queue
pause Pauses the audio player
resume Resumes the audio player
stop Stops the player and disconnects
shuffle Shuffles the unplayed songs in the queue
np Shows the current track info with a process bar
bass [0-10] Increases the bass range of the audio player
volume [1-200] Increases the volume of the audio player
treble [1-10] Increases the treble range of the audio player
vaporwave Enables vaporwave mode, turns songs into vaporwave versions
nightcore Enables nightcore mode, turns songs into nightcore versions
reset Resets all audio effects and returns to normal

Playlist Commands

All commands begin with "playlist"

Command Description
create Creates a new playlist
select (playlist ID) Selects a playlist to work with
view (page) Views the selected playlist
view public (page) Views public playlists
view mine (page) Views your personal playlists
add (search) Adds a track to the playlist
add current track Adds the track playing to the playlist
add current queue Adds the current queue to the playlist
remove (position) Removes a track from the playlist
enqueue Adds the playlist to the player queue
public Toggles a playlist between private and public
description (text) Sets a playlist description
delete Deletes the playlist


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