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A Very Nice and OP Bot which has a lot of commands in which it's economy is the best!

Very Nice Multipurpose Bot That Has many Commands Lile Moderation Commands And Economy Commands And Giveaway Commands And Music Commands And Even Inage Generation Commands.Some Of Its Economy Commands Are - beg, work, use, shop, buy, rob, bet, slots, daily, weekly, pay, gift And More.The Current Latest Economy Update For This Bot Is That Owning A Medal Will Turn all Embed Colour To Blue!Isn’t It OP.Not Only This It Also Has Music Commands With Filters For Premium Users!!It Also Has Giveaway Commands For Eg- gg start #giveaway 2h 1 Nitro Classic…It Has Even Fortnite Commands Like - gg fnshop, gg fntrack (FnUsername), gg addshope #channel {Send The Fortnite Shop Everyday To Thus Channel} And Not Only This Is Also Has Inage Gebrqtion Commands..Right Now This Bot Is Still Developing. More Commands Will Be Added As The Time Goes And I Am Sure The Commands Are Gonna Blow Your Mind.The Best Of This Bot Is That It’s Economy Commands Are Flourishing Like I Mean Everyday Atleast 2 Command Is Bieng Added.The current best command of the bot is gg heist. DONT FORGET TO TRY OUT THIS COMMAND!


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