A simple moderation bot (with big plans) - more coming soon tm

A simple moderation bot (with big plans) - more coming soon tm Owner: wotanot#7661 Prefix: ! Why should you add Cache? Cache is an alpha bot and so it may not be polished now but adding an alpha bot will be the best decision of your life becuase when Cache gets more commands you will already be a Cache Pro! The point of Cache is to provide a FREE experience too all with the service you would get from bots such as MEE6 or Carl bot!

Right now this bot has the following commands

Server, User, Role Information Ban Kick Echo Coming in Version 1.0.0A (realsing soon)

Soft Ban Temp Ban Muting Warning Purging Improvments to Server, User and Role Information Bot joining VCā€™s (playing music will come in a later update) By the end of main development we aim to have the following

All of the above and fun Setup commands Customization Auto Moderation 24/7 music and so much more!


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Best bot for moderation on Discord!

By šŸš€ Luis šŸš€#9999 ā€” 5

Bestest Bot

One of the bestest free bots for moderation! I recommend adding it, really cool bot. Low ping & fast response, protected servers from raids, etc.

By X-Legendary#1027 ā€” 5

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