Orange v2#4180

An all in one bot. The bot has anything from moderation to music commands, with new features getting added with each day that passes by!

The bot has everything you need for your server, moderation, info, music, etc. A lot of new features is getting worked on each day to make it better in every way! Got any suggestions? Make sure to DM me so I can add them! Start off by typing _help once it's invited to your server!

Info Commands:

  • help (shows all the commands the bot has to offer)
  • invite (creates an invite for you)
  • ping (shows the latency)
  • avatar (sends you your or the person you mentioneds profile picture)

Fun commands:

  • quote (sends a random quote)
  • uselessfact (sends a useless fact)
  • 8ball (answers your question)
  • ship (ships one person or object with one another)
  • meme (sends a random meme from r/memes)

Music Commands:

  • play (plays the music you would like to listen to)
  • skip (skips to the next song in queue)
  • seek (fast forwards the song to the duration you specify (in seconds))
  • stop (stops the music)
  • np (shows you the song that is currently playing)
  • queue (shows this guilds song queue)
  • autoplay (toggles this sessions autoplay (on by default))

Moderation Commands:

  • nuke (clears the entire channel)
  • slowmode (puts a channel into slowmode)
  • setprefix (allows you to change the server prefix)
  • clear (clears the amount of messages you specify)
  • kick (kicks the person you specify)
  • ban (bans the member specified and can bulk delete their messages within a period of time)


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