General purpose bot for moderation, fun, and much more.

b1nzyBot is a general purpose bot with lots of fun commands such as:

Command Description
$inspire Sends an AI generated inspirational quote.
$8ball Ask a question, and b1nzyBot will answer.
$cat Infinite cat pictures!!!
$pokemon Sends a random Pokémon.
$translate Translates the inputted text to english.
$uwu UwUizes your message.
$xuwu Extreme UwUizes your message.
$rps Play rock paper scissors with b1nzy!
$coinflip Flip a coin - heads or tails.
$quote Sends a random quote.
$quote2 Sends a random quote from a different library.
$topic Sends a topic for conversation.
$ud Searches your input on Urban Dictionary.
$rand Sends a random number in-between the 2 numbers you set.
$math Does simple math.


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