Polar a multi-purpose bot that can help you fo a lot of stuff!

Hey its me Polar!

Polar has a lot of cool commands that can help your server or yourself! And it will make you look fun or Cool! Polar has reddit commands like memes anime memes or any other funny reddit stuff and its so funny ahhahah. I have moderation so i can moderate your server and i like it hat your server is well moderated! Money yes Polar loves money so we have an economy system! So you guys can be rich. Leveling so you guys can gain levels and be more higher levels and disable or enable it! Math so you can cheat in your exams Hahahahaha I like it alot for people who are being hard in math. I also have utilities that can util your server and do anything! I manage servers and a lot more!

Without the bot

Do you know Polar has his own game website? Well he does know! Try out Polar-Toe for fun! in the Website Links in buttons in Botlist.space and have fun!

Thats all for Polar


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