Jarvis is an Advance , multipurpose discord bot , used for features like Inspiration, Mini-Moderation, Coding-Programs , Image commands and More !

Jarvis is an Advance Discord Bot that is being coded in Python, Python is a very powerful language that is used in making Ai also.

Jarvis has Areas of Expertise that is Inspiration Commands,Mini-Moderation,Coding-Program,Image-commands,Math commands and more

Jarvis Detailed Command Description

Inspiration-commands 😀: Jarvis has more than a million quotes that will inspire you !, it will respond to negative messages and will respond in a positive way, and like the rest of the other bots Jarvis also has General commands

Mini-Moderation 🛠: Jarvis is also a Mini-Moderator Bot that can help you in Moderation as other Moderator Bots, It has a limited set of commands, which are very useful and powerful for moderation, Note please give it the right perms to use Moderation commands !

Coding-Program 👨‍💻 : Jarvis also teaches Users coding with the help of its Coding commands, Users can learn a lot of new and powerful programming languages. Jarvis teaches coding with the help of Discord Embeds. New languages will come after updates and patches so stay Tuned

Image-Commands 📷 : Jarvis has fun and Interesting Image commands, which will make you laugh !

Math-commands 🔢: Jarvis has new and improved Math commands which will help to solve basic Maths Problems

Jarvis has more Interesting Features coming Like Economy System in which we will introduce the Stock Market 💹 System so stay tuned !.


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